EUREKA is unique in Uruguay

Cambridge Courses and general English. EUREKA, The Learning Centre - Uruguay

Eureka offers Cambridge and general English courses, whether it is to pass an international exam or to keep English fresh with lively and intelligent discussions and study through conversation or English literature. Courses: CPE/CAE, FCE, Conversation – Advanced, Conversation – Intermediate, English Contemporary Literature.

Business, Finance and Law courses. EUREKA, The Learning Centre - Uruguay

Eureka’s classes range from Cambridge international exams in general business and finance to support for the FINRA Series 7 and CFA to courses in soft skills such as presentations, interviewing and creativity. Courses: ICFE, BEC Higher/Vantage, ILEC, Professional Development.

Study Overseas courses. EUREKA, The Learning Centre - Uruguay

If you want to study overseas for a degree, masters or doctorate then we can help with application advice, interview coaching, and TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, SAT and PAEP exams. And if you want to study English overseas anywhere in the world or any type of study in Australia, then our sister organizations LAE International Studies and Latino Australia Education (LAE) can help free of charge.

Latino Australia Education (LAE). EUREKA, The Learning Centre - Uruguay

LAE offers free personalized advice to people interested in studying in Australia, including advice on educational institutions, study costs, accommodation, food, transportation, general expenses, airfares, medical insurance, promotions and scholarships; Certification of documents; Application to Universities, Technical Institutes and English Institutes; Visa application or extension